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Chronique musicale

Pessa'h en musiques  (11 min)

Laurence Haziza - directrice du festival Jazz’n Klezmer


6 commentaires

Topo 22 avril 20:53, par Cariel

Merci pour cette belle et parfois émouvante recension.
Un détail : l’italien « topo » signifie « souris » et non « taupe ».

Merci à Laurence Haziza et à toute l'équipe ! 22 mars 20:54, par Evelyn Askolovitch

Bravo ! Quelle belle idée et tres bien fait ! Merci, toda, et hag sameah !

PESSA'H ! 22 mars 09:01, par Alain Hirschler, clarinettiste de jazz

Un grand bravo pour cet excellent montage de mélodies - en des styles musicaux divers - relatives à Pessa'h !

Passover Seder record by Salomon Amzallag 10 juillet 04:21, par Dr. M.A. Cohen

The year was 1960, as a young 17 year old, I was on my way to Italy to study Engineering at Turin's
Polytechnic Institute, leaving the very next day. I was in Casablanca enjoying a great dinner at La Mer
fish restaurant when my friend proposed that we close the evening at a club featuring Moroccan music.
Upon arriving, there he was, Samy Elmaghrabi in the orchestra playing and singing. Great evening !
Fast forward to 1976 : Montreal's Spanish and Portuguese Synagogue. I am getting married and the
Hazan is non other than Mr Amzallag, magnificent adding his wonderful voice and lyrics to the occasion,
supplementing the Rabbi's customary prayers, affording the whole affair an aura of solemnity.
Sephardic Jewish Montreal strong of 100, 000 people mainly from Morocco from the 1950's on.
The Community adapted and integrated perfectly well, progressed through the years, we respected
the laws of Canada, we created Synagogues, our children attended Universities becoming productive
professional members of society. This should have been a model to follow for new comers who
arrived in Canada in recent years and refused to adapt let alone assimilate, creating a heavy load
for this country, completely unnecessary.

Beseder ! 06 avril 20:10, par Rinacat

Cher commentateur, certes certains auteurs se sont inspirés des sources hebraiques et
Ce sont de beaux et émouvants échanges !
Merci à Akadem et à Laurence Haziza !
Bonnes fêtes de Pessah !


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